Peugeot crosses thin blue line

Criminals will soon find a fleet of Peugeot cars coasting the London streets in the fight against crime.

Peugeot cars will be seen throughout the London area being used as mobile prison cells, police dog cars and even undercover police cars.

The French manufacturer will supply the police with 308 hatchbacks and the new 508 saloon for use as beat cars and Peugeot Expert and Partner vans for police dog vehicles.

Criminals will be transported in a converted Peugeot Export van, which doubles up as a cell, under the new deal.

Meanwhile, undercover police cars will include the 207 hatchback, 3008 crossover, 5008 seven-seat MPV and 4007 SUV.

The Metropolitan Police will even go green from next year when it takes delivery of the tiny Peugeot iOn electric car and the Peugeot 3008 crossover hybrid.

Peugeot’s conversions team will revamp its cars and vans for use with the police force, and the new designs even stretch as far as bespoke Peugeot Boxer van which will be put into use by London’s fire stations.

The modifications will be completed at Peugeot’s Specialist Vehicles Operation (PSVO) in Coventry.

PSVO is an established provider of cars and vans to the UK Emergency Services Market which has dedicated Peugeot trained technicians who work on the vehicles and as a result have an intimate knowledge of the architecture of Peugeot’s vehicle systems.