BSM drops Fiat 500 for Vauxhall Corsa

BSM’s fleet of 3250 cars will be replaced from 2011 with five-door Corsas after learners at the school named the Vauxhall model as the car they most wanted to drive.

Over 130,000 learners a year will be taught in the five-door Vauxhall Corsas, which come with a 1.4-litre engine or Vauxhall’s eco-friendly 1.2-litre ecoFLEX versions.

All of the cars will be modified to include larger dashboard dials and upgraded steering to help learners get to grips with the controls quickly.

Car manufacturers are keen to supply UK driving schools because of the increased likelihood of learner drivers deciding to buy the same car they learned to drive in, a point not lost on Vauxhall fleet sales director Maurice Howkins.

"We are always looking to show just how good our cars are – and what better way to do that than showcase them in town and country, across the roads of Britain," he said.

The Vauxhall Corsa is one of the UK’s most popular cars and regularly competes with the Ford Fiesta for the title of best-selling model.

The previous car of choice for BSM, the Fiat 500 city car, has been dropped by the company because, although it is popular with younger drivers, instructors have expressed a need for a larger car for when it doubles up as a personal car.

Made in Spain, the Corsa is also one of the safest cars on the roads today after being awarded a top five-star safety rating by the EuroNCAP ratings system, widely regarded as the best indication of a car’s safety in Europe.

The BSM fleet cars are also used for Motability for disabled learners and Army Infantrymen before they enter active service.