Vauxhall Astra police cars announced

The Vauxhall Astra hatchback, built in the Ellesmere Port plant in the North West of England, is one of the cars chosen to be used by police across the UK.

The Astra will make up part of 8,000 new vehicles supplied to the forces each year to be used in prisoner transportation, as minibuses and as beat vehicles.

Other Vauxhall models, such as the Luton-built Vivaro van, will also be included in the deal, which includes an after sale support package to meet the demands of the police.

For example, all Vauxhall’s sent to the police needs to include aerials for radios, data recorders, police livery and of course, the famous blue flashing lights.

Currently, the Vauxhall Astra is the most popular vehicle used by the police, and it is expected to make up a quarter of police vehicles in the next few years.

Described as the ‘backbone of the beat car fleets of many UK forces’ by Vauxhall, the Astra was ideal for the demands of the police force, according to Maurice Howkins, Fleet Sales Director at Vauxhall.

“Vauxhall provided a tender submission that met the Home Office’s requirements and our understanding of the operational needs of the Police business allowed us to provide exactly what the customer requires," she explained.