Fiat cars named as lowest for road tax

The Italian manufacturer is regularly at the top of so-called ‘green’ lists, and the latest figures show the average emissions of the entire Fiat range currently stands at 123.5g/km.

To put this into perspective, the CO2 emissions on an individual model needed to qualify for zero road tax is 120g/km.

Fiat finished ahead of Toyota, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault and Ford to win the award – all of whom boasted average CO2 emissions under 140g/km.

Fiat succeeded in being named the manufacturer with lowest average CO2 emissions in Europe through a range based around smaller cars such as the Fiat 500, Fiat Panda and Fiat Bravo.

One of the Fiat range, the Fiat 500, was also found to be the lowest CO2-emitting car in Europe (excluding electric and hybrid cars), with average emissions of just 116g/km.

The Fiat Panda (118.9g/km) and the Fiat Punto (123.5g/km) finished second and fourth in the table respectively.

The Italian manufacturer has also designed a range of low CO2 MultiAir engines, culminating in the introduction of the innovative two-cylinder engine for the Fiat 500 city car at the Paris Motor Show in October.

The TwinAir engines are 15 per cent more efficient than a four-cylinder equivalent and will help Fiat stay below EU emissions targets of 130g/km by 2015.

Currently, only Fiat, smart and Mini are below the 130g/km threshold, but manufacturers such as Citroen and Peugeot are expected to join them when the likes of the Peugeot ion and Citroen C-Zero electric cars are introduced next year.

Even Land Rover is aiming to reduce emissions with the likes of the more efficient Range Rover Evoque complete with two-wheel drive option and future hybrid models under development.