Jaguar steals show at Paris

We were always planning on blogging about the Paris Motor Show today, and there is plenty of choice of topics.

We could write about the fun and funky Kia Pop electric concept, or the new design direction taken by Renault with the stunning DeZir.

Or, we could bring you more down to earth news about the new Ford Focus or updated Mazda2.

These are all good cars, and there’s enough to blog about each of them in turn. We were just struggling to choose one when over on the Jaguar stand, we were simply blown away.

This beauty is the talk of Paris after its reveal this morning. The Jaguar C-X75 concept car is one of the most thrilling models to come out of the Big Cat for years, and that takes some doing.

Featuring extended range electric technology, the C-X75 features a groundbreaking propulsion system comprising four 195bhp motors propelling the car to a top speed of 205mph.

While many people, including us, lamented the lack of surprises at modern motor shows, Jaguar has delivered. The performance figures stand up for themselves – although the range is just 68 miles – but it is the styling that has really caught our eye.

There isn’t a line out of place on the body, which brings to mind many classic Jags as you circle it. There’s a hint of XJ13, a touch of the XJ220 and even a glimpse of the XK in the new supercar.

We love it, right down to the new, more oblong front grille. There’s no doubt Jaguar is onto a winner with the C-X75, now all we have to do is wait and see how much will make it into production on future models.