Peugeot iOn is on its way

As the technology stands at the moment in terms of the recharging infrastructure, pure battery powered cars are not for everyone but there is a significant market where they should appeal.

It is the fleet market for companies, local authorities and the growing number of car clubs springing up in our cities and it is these that Peugeot will be appealing to with its all-electric iOn car which will be here by the end of the year.

Headline figures for the iOn is that it will be available from £415 a month which covers the lease and four years/40,000 miles service and maintenance, it costs £2.50 per 125 miles in terms of recharging and a special charging unit provides a 50 % charge in only fifteen minutes, or 80 % in thirty minutes.

It has a range of around 90 miles on a full battery charge, ample given that around 90 per cent of commutes are less than 35 miles, and thus overcomes the so-called `range anxiety’ which eroded confidence in earlier generation electric cars.

Being zero-emission it is exempt from the Congestion charge, road tax etc. Best of all, for corporate users keen to portray their green credentials there is nothing currently better than a car like this.

Based on a Mitsubishi design which I tested last year at the Low Carbon Vehicle conference in Bedfordshire, I can confirm the iOn has all the creature comforts and safety features expected of a modern car and which employees and drivers rightly demand, and is simplicity itself to drive.

Acceleration is good, its top speed is more than enough for urban use, there are no gears, no noise- and no pollution. To sign up to this for £415 a month that’s a powerful message to put out about your social responsibility.

Perrys website carries a wealth of information about low emission and green motoring, and is a franchised Peugeot dealer.