Vauxhall releases GTC Paris interior shots

How much of the interior styling remains on the production model of the Astra hasn’t been revealed by Vauxhall, but the concept car comes with a host of bold design features.

These include bucket sports seats at the front complete with ‘positivenegative’ effect – the driver’s seat is red with black highlights, while the passenger seat is black with red highlights. Both seats are upholstered in leather and micro-fibres.

Both seats include the GTC logo and cut-out sections with titanium inserts to match the metal inserts on the black leather steering wheel.

Moving on to the dashboard, the ‘blade’ design feature, also seen on the side of the new Meriva’s exterior can be seen integrated into the chrome door grabs and gearshift moulding.

The floors of the three-door concept car are decked out in carpeting, while the dashboard is covered in a textured black material.

The latest images of the interior add to the initial information released by Vauxhall earlier this month showing the exterior of the concept car.

Vauxhall’s blade design features across the side of the model, and LED running lights and chrome surrounds add a premium feel to the three-door GTC Paris car.

The Vauxhall GTC Paris concept is so named because it will first be revealed in the metal at the Paris Motor Show on 30 September.

Vauxhall claims the model is ‘tantalizingly close’ to a production version of the Vauxhall Astra three-door hatchback, but Vauxhall has not announced if the GTC name will be retained for the production version.