Mazda offers eco-driving tips

A Mazda3 and Mazda6 2.0-litre Estate took part in the event alongside 17 other manufacturers and the Mazda cars went on to achieve 40.31mpg and 52mpg respectively.

Driver of the Mazda6 Iain Robertson, last year’s winner of the ‘Percentage Improvement’ award, offered a number of eco-driving tips after the race.

As Iain Robertson stated, "Driving economically is not the same as driving slowly. By careful planning, blending and flowing with other traffic and managing the use of Mazda’s on-board computer (using the instant fuel consumption read-out), it is possible to reduce car running costs realistically."

His five-step plan says drivers should avoid the use of harsh breaking and harsh acceleration when driving. Fuel consumption can also be reduced by making better use of higher gears and driving smoothly and progressively.

Finally, by planning your route carefully while driving, fuel consumption can improve dramatically, says Robertson.

He also praised the Mazda models used for the MPG Marathon across a challenging route of twisty B-roads and motorways.

"Our two-car entry demonstrated that Mazda, which has made on-going efficiency improvements in all of its petrol models, is more than capable of matching equivalent diesel class results, where the cost per litre is still greater," he said.

The results were all the more impressive because just four cars in the entire event were powered by petrol engines, with most manufacturers opting to enter more efficient diesel models instead.

Diesel engines are generally more efficient than similar size petrol engines, but new technology such as Ford’s EcoBoost range are increasingly bringing down petrol engine emissions.