Seat teams up with top music talent

Not content with a Shakira-inspired Seat Ibiza Good Stuff and sponsorship appearances at the Reading and Leeds Festivals, Seat will now take part in ‘On Track with Seat, a 12-part series showing world famous singers recording a one-off track onto vinyl.

The premise of the show is simple. An artist such as Ellie Goulding, Amy Macdonald, Foals, Tinchy Stryder and The Drums, will record a cover version of a song that inspires them in a one-off take.

The songs will be recorded onto vinyl and the artists will be tasked with designing their own artwork. However, 10,000 copies will also be made available to download from the Club Seat website.

Steve Robertson, Head of Marketing at SEAT UK, said: ‘This brilliant new programme will allow us to further strengthen our growing association with music."

Teaming up with musical acts is a new trend among car manufacturers. Chevrolet recently toured the UK with the Mystery Jets to market the new Spark city car, while Fiat became the first car manufacturer to produce a music video after the Punto Evo appeared alongside Faithless in their new video.

The result was the world’s first ‘Prommercial’ and to celebrate, Fiat booked an entire three-minute TV advertising slot to premiere the full video, which features two Punto Evo models prominently.

The first programme will be aired on Wednesday 22 September on Channel 4, with subsequent programmes being shown weekly.

On the experience Ellie Goulding, whose set is the first to air on Wednesday, said: "You’ve only got one chance and it’s there forever. It’s in the moment so I think it will be good."

Another of the recording artists, Amy Macdonald, added: "I’ve never recorded directly to vinyl before but it’s really cool that you have one take and it’s exciting for me because I’m extremely impatient.

"It’s cool to forget about modern technology and go back to how artists used to do it."