Citroen launches Lacoste concept car for Paris

The Citroen Lacoste concept car has been designed as a fashion statement more than a hint at a production version, and features no hardtop roof to speak of.

Instead, the front doors and roof are missing, leaving an ‘open air experience’ for the drivers. The front windscreen can also be lowered when needed.

In bad weather, the T-shape overhead structure houses an inflatable soft-top hood that blocks out the elements but is also light and hidden away when not used.

Inside, there are two rows of bench-like seats in the 3.45m long and 1.8m wide concept car. Citroen is keen to demonstrate the sporty potential of the Lacoste concept, and promises plenty of extra sports equipment storage solutions.

These include the ability to slide the rear bench into the boot and a host of attachments for bikes, surfboards and other sports equipment.

Lacoste has helped with the interiors, including t-shirt inspired white cotton upholstery and weave as well as seatbelt anchorage points with polo shirt-style ‘necklines’.

Other interior features include a display screen showing icons inspired by early video games, a two-spoke steering wheel and tennis net-inspired designs on several of the features.

Lacoste has used simple traditional colours inside the concept car, but added splashes of bright yellow – the same colour used for the inflatable hood.

Under the bonnet, the Citroen Lacoste uses a three-cylinder petrol engine, although details have not been released with regards to performance or emissions.

Intended as more of a design concept than a prelude to a production version, the Citroen Lacoste concept will be showcased at the Paris Motor Show from 30 September.

It will be joined by Citroen’s latest production car, the DS4. The DS4 will be the second in the revived DS Line following the successful launch of the premium DS3 supermini earlier in the year.