Artist paints car art- using cars

If you’ve never heard of PopBangColour, you’re missing out on a treat. Otherwise known as artist Ian Cook, he creates unique artworks of cars using… cars.

That’s right, he paints portraits using remote controlled cars covered in paint, as well as other car paraphernalia such as old tyres and toy cars.

Birmingham-born Cook has become pretty good at it by now, and was recently invited by Ford to paint a Ford Kuga SUV using his creative methods.

Below is the video of the event from 4 September, along with an interview with the artist who makes some of the most distinctive and unique car-art in the world.

Cook used 20 radio controlled cars and took eight hours to paint the Kuga, but the finished product was well worth the wait:

It isn’t just Kuga’s Cook paints, one of our favourite artworks he has done is this Land Rover Defender, the original off-road workhorse.

For more information about Ian, visit, or follow his very well-curated Twitter feed @popbangcolour where plenty examples of his work are posted, including an excellent Peugeot RCZ artwork.