Mazda MX-5 sponsors thrilling TV show

With a tagline of ‘Once driven, thrills are harder to find’, the MX-5 will appear in advertising slots before and after ’71 Degrees North’ – which follows ten celebrities as they travel to the most northern point of mainland Europe.

Hosted by Kate Thornton and Gethin Jones, the eight-part series will see the celebrities up against icy glaciers and thick snow in a series of thrill-seeking activities.

Speaking about the MX-5’s ‘thrills’ theme,Claire Andrews, Senior Marketing Manager for Mazda UK said: "71 Degrees North fits this exciting theme as celebrities including Gavin Henson and Shane Richie complete arduous tasks such as swimming in frozen fjords and climbing ancient and perilous glaciers to reach the North Cape.”

Mazda’s MX-5 soft-top and Roadster Coupe models are renown for being lightweight, responsive and fun to drive.

The two-seat Mazda MX-5 starts from £17,245 for the soft-top model in entry-level SE trim. The Roadster Coupe version is slightly more expensive at £19,245.

The Mazda MX-5 is available with either a traditional soft-top or retractable folding hard top on the Roadster Coupe model and all models come with alloy wheels, electric and heated door mirrors and twin exhaust tailpipes.

The show will be aired in the UK on Saturday 11 September and will run for eight weeks.