Mazda Shinari – the best ever Mazda concept?

This week we reported on Mazda’s new ‘Kodo’ design language, revealed in the shape of the four-door Shinari sports coupe.

The new design language is translated as ‘Soul of Motion’ and although not a complete departure from the previous flowing Nagare design language, it certainly stands on its own as a stunning concept car.

While the Nagare language proved troublesome to translate into a production car, especially the boxier models such as the Mazda5, Kodo should be a much more realistic prospect for the Japanese manufacturer.

The front of the Shinari, the four-door, four-seat concept, is reminiscent of a Jaguar – which is no bad thing considering the style and desirability of the new range of Big Cat models.

The rear however, is unique, and dare I say, pretty. Even better, Mazda has announced its four design studios in Japan (2), Europe and North America are now being tasked with the challenge of incorporating this into a production car.

So, to celebrate the release of one of the most exciting concept cars to come out of Mazda for a long time, here are a few more images of the Shinari concept in all its glory:

The concept features a large gaping grille with front fenders tajen from the RX-8 and, according to Mazda, an animal-like stance designed to look as though it is about to leap into motion.

Ikuo Maeda, the head of Mazda’s Design Division, explains the new KODO design theme in this way: "In our work to further evolve the expression of motion, Mazda Design has focused on the strength, beauty and tension found in the ‘instantaneous movement’ of animals at the very moment that the motion begins.

"This motion is so full of vitality that it stirs the emotions of those who see it. We have named it ‘KODO – Soul of Motion"

The new Mazda Shinari concept certainly stirs our emotions, and if it can translate the beautiful styling onto a production model then Mazda has a real winner on its hands.

We’ll be reporting on the new Mazda concept, as well as the all-new Mazda5 MPV at the Paris Motor Show, in the mean time, what are you first impressions of the new design direction?