Fiat launches another 500 special edition

European buyers have been treated to Ferrari-inspired editions, Pink, Black and 500C versions of the Fiat 500 in recent months, all of which were snapped up by eager buyers wanting to own a uniquely customised version on the retro supermini.

Now it is the turn of Japan to be offered a special edition in the form of the 500 Arancia – the Italian word for orange.

Unsurprisingly, all 300 versions of the model are painted orange on the outside and feature orange finish on the dashboard inside. The rest of the interior is decked out in darker colours, except for a white steering wheel.

Fiat says the vehicle will come with a set of Fiat 500 optional features including an exterior chrome package and 15" alloy wheels.

Fiat has been prolific with the 500 since its launch, releasing a large number of special editions and customised models. Recently, Fiat teamed up with Diesel to launch the 500byDiesel, complete with denim-inspired interior, while the latest UK model was a matt black BlackJack version.

The Fiat 500 and 500C have also inspired high-performance Abarth versions, offering sportier styling and more power.

Perrys dealers have reported high demand for another special edition Fiat model, the Fiat Pink 500C, the distinctively coloured model was released by the Italian manufacturer in early 2011.

The standard Fiat 500, the car based on the classic model from the 50s, costs from £10,500 on-the-road. The drop-top version, the Fiat 500C, starts from £11,300.