Driver gets £10k boost to restore 1984 Ford Granada

Derek Miller, of Orpington, Kent, was awarded the money to restore the car after the manufacturer ran a competition open to all owners who took their vehicles in for a free Visual Health Check.

Ford WRC driver chose Miller’s Ford Granada to receive the award because of its service to his family since he bought it in 1987.

Choosing the Granada, Mikko said: “As the owner of a classic Ford myself, I am really pleased to help Derek turn back time on his car.”

Derek added: “Our Ford Granada has and served us well including holidays in Cornwall and even as the bridesmaids’ car at my daughter’s wedding. It will be great to restore it to its former glory.”

The makeover was awarded as part of Ford’s ‘Spring into Summer’ campaign. The free health check offered by the manufacturer includes inspections to the wheels and tyres, electrical systems, fluids, brakes, steering and exhaust.

All Ford owners who used the free health check and had a car over three years of age were eligible for the award, and the manufacturer offered five drivers a £1,000 refund on work carried out after the inspection.

The lucky winners were: W Smith of Troon; R Ellis of Horsham, Surrey; M Thorpe of Tunbridge Wells, Kent; G Johnson of Silsden, Keighley; and J Battrick of Worthing, Sussex.

Ford also offers an Econocheck – a check designed to ensure both car and driver are operating in the most efficient manner possible to reduce fuel costs.

The Econocheck was introduced in support of the Ford EcoBoost low-CO2 petrol engines, available in various Ford models including the all-new Ford Focus.