Giant chicken washes Citroen C3

There’s a headline you don’t see every day…

What do somebody in a chicken costume, an ‘afro-sporting funkster’, a wrestler and an American cheerleader have in common?

The answer is they’re all starring in the latest marketing campaign from Citroen. The Citroen website has an interactive section with all four characters attempting to wash the new Zenith panoramic windscreen of the Citroen C3 – and each failing at it miserably.

Then along comes a black-suited man known as ‘The Master’, who successfully completes the task with ease.

Although watching a giant chicken attempt to clean a windscreen with his face is fairly amusing, the marketing campaign is quite frankly, bizarre.

Marc Raven, Communications Director at Citroën UK, commented; "It’s distinctive, fun, memorable and brings a smile to your face – a fitting campaign to introduce yet more potential customers to the New Citroën C3."

Could he mean chickens? Or wrestlers? We can’t be sure. It is, however, quite interesting to see a car manufacturer being a bit silly instead of the incredibly polished, serious, low-CO2 based adverts prevalent on TV and online at the moment.

The site leads on from the chicken-based fun to take customers on a tour of the C3 and allows customers to book a test drive or view an online brochure, so there is method to the madness.

To view Diva Brown, Jose Taco, Tania Bing and Chick’N (really, we’re not making this up), take a look at the Citroen C3 ‘car wash’ website here.