Mazda Dealers top Customer Satisfaction Survey

With just about every car these days being good, it’s often hard to know which one
to choose; with similar performance, space, price and value for money picking one
from another is not easy.

But one thing that can make a big difference to your ownership experience is the
quality of the dealer. It’s nice to know that the dealer is not just after your money but
also genuinely wants to help and look after you while you have the vehicle.
So it’s significant that Mazda dealers have – once again – emerged as the best among
the car sector in the UK Institute of Customer Service Satisfaction Survey with a
score of 80.6 percent, well above the industry average of 75.6 percent.

Mazda dealers outperformed those working for Honda, BMW, Toyota and Mercedes,
all of whom were above the average.

Every six months the Institute of Customer Service asks 26,000 people what they
think about the service they’ve received from the UK’s major organisations in retail
shopping, financial, tourism, telecoms, transport and motor sectors. In case you’re
wondering, the very highest score was 88 per cent for both Waitrose and John Lewis
and the lowest was 56 per cent in the utilities sector – no surprise to anyone who has
been kept waiting to query a bill or some service through one of their call centres!

ICS says customers’ priorities are the overall quality of the product or service, being
treated as a valued customer, the speed of service, friendliness of staff, how well they
handle a problem or complaint, their handling of enquiries, the competence of staff,
ease of doing business, being kept informed and the helpfulness of staff.

It is no coincidence that car dealers’ management measure exactly the same issues
when they are looking at how well their staff are doing.

A good dealer and knowledgeable, caring staff can make all the difference to how you
view the car – and on the evidence of this study, Mazda’s dealers consistently do a
better job of going that extra mile for you than others.

Perrys is a franchised Mazda dealership – the place for great customer service