Vauxhall Ampera could outsell electric cars

The Ampera extended range electric vehicle uses hybrid technology to extend the possible range to as much as 340 miles and it is this distance which will put the technology ahead of electric vehicles by 2019, says Glass’s.

The car value experts believe hybrid vehicles will outsell electric models until 2019 because the furthest an electric vehicle can go on one charge is 100 miles.

In total, hybrid and electric vehicles will take up 21 per cent of the market by 2020, and the likes of the
Vauxhall Ampera is perfectly positioned to dominate the sector.

Some of the problems for electric and hybrid vehicles were identified by Glass’s, which claimed longer warranties, battery buy back schemes and leasing batteries are essential for EV and hybrid vehicles to thrive.

Andy Carroll, Managing Director at Glass’s says: "The basic framework for dealing with these issues remains pretty much the same, but how the industry responds to the battery residual value issue will be key to consumer confidence and the adoption rate of electric vehicles."

However, these issues have already been addressed in the US, where the rebadged Ampera, the Chevrolet Volt, is being offered with an eight-year warranty covering the battery.

The UK government has recently announced schemes to build an electric charging infrastructure in six different areas outside London, providing more opportunities for Ampera drivers to charge their car.

Carroll added: “One of the central issues for the vehicle manufacturers is encouraging consumer adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles, including plug-in hybrids."

In response to this, the UK government will offer up to £5,000 off ‘green’ cars from 1 January 2011 to encourage more customers to buy electric or hybrid vehicles.