Mazda targets driving instructor sales

The Japanese manufacturer is targeting the 17,000 qualified driving instructors currently self-employed or in small driving schools in the UK in the hope newly qualified drivers are impressed enough to buy a Mazda car once they pass their test.

"Many of the approximate 750,000 people who pass their driving test annually will be looking to buy a car," said Mazda remarketing director Peter Allibon. "There is significant evidence that many newly qualified drivers buy a derivative of the car in which they took their lessons, because familiarity breeds confidence."

A recent survey by BSM found up to 70 per cent of new drivers buy a car similar to the model they learnt in, meaning a huge boost in sales for a manufacturer supplying cars to driving schools.

Around three-quarters of a million people pass their driving test each year and volume car manufacturers are becoming more competitive in order to encourage sales.

Citroen recently launched a driving programme for younger players at Arsenal Football Club, while Kia recently added the Venga to its own driving school programme.

In response, Mazda will offer free fitment of He-Man dual controls, car header board and graphics, metallic paint and a GPS secondary speedometer for all regular Mazda2 and Mazda3 models.

The decision to include the larger Mazda3 in the offer was taken because many instructors have a secondary use for the vehicle.

Allibon said: "The Mazda2 has been in regular demand from driving instructors. It is also clear that some instructors want a larger car that is used both to instruct pupils and as their ‘main’ family vehicle. That is why Mazda3 is included in the new programme."

Mazda2 on the road prices start at £9,820 for the 1.3 3dr TS with air conditioning and Mazda3 prices start at £14,230 for the 1.6 5dr S.