Mazda MX-5 to use Nagare design

The Japanese manufacturer has not confirmed any details of the next-generation of MX-5 but Autocar has revealed it will weigh just 1000kg after a weight-shedding exercise by the manufacturer.

The sports car is expected to be perfectly suited to the Nagare design language, which was seen on a number of Mazda concept cars from 2006 to critical acclaim.

However, the Japanese manufacturer has struggled to realise the flowing lines – inspired by the wind and flowing water – onto production models, in particular the Mazda5 MPV.

Chief designer at Mazda Motors Europe Peter Birtwhistle stressed the difficulties of applying the design language to the Mazda5 at the time.

He said: "Nagare was seen as very sporty and so not very logical to apply it to a van – but then why not? The shape of a van is not very easy to work with but with the flowing lines we have got some movement into the vehicle, which is difficult on this type of car."

He did, however say the language could be applied in a more purposeful way on the next generation Mazda MX-5 – and it seems Mazda is will now do this for a 2012 launch.

Meanwhile, a new design language will be introduced at Mazda under the direction of new design chief ‘Speedy’ Maeda, who has replaced Nagare creator Laurens van den Acker.

The first of the new models under the new design language is expected to boast Mazda’s new ultra-efficient SKY engines.