Ford hints at new Focus RS

Rumours are circulating Ford chiefs are discussing the name of a turbocharged Focus. While the RS name, which stands for Rally Sport, could be used, ST, SVT or XR could also be chosen for the new model.

The Ford Focus, the second best-selling car in the UK this year after the smaller Ford Fiesta hatchback, will be replaced with a new generation next year.

The current Ford Focus RS has proved popular with UK buyers and a limited edition Focus RS500 sold out within weeks of pre-orders opening.

Any new model is expected to deliver up to 300bhp – the same as the current Focus RS, but will house a smaller engine as the current 2.5-litre powerplant no longer complies with European emissions regulations.

Although a new RS model has not been officially confirmed, many are expecting a new model to feature hybrid technology to lower CO2 emissions but improve performance. The model is expected to feature a Ford Ecoboost engine with an electric motor on its rear axle.

However, the weight of the battery pack will need to be addressed so that performance is not affected.

The new Ford Focus will go on sale in the UK in 2011, but expect to wait a little longer for a new Ford Focus RS. An announcement on the possibility of a new model has not been made officially by Ford yet, but many expect a new model to be confirmed sooner rather than later.