Citroen tracks stolen vans

The technology, previously available for £1,200, is available as an option on all Citroen Nemo, Berlingo First and other Combi vans in the Citroen range at a cost of £399.

The Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking package will ensure vehicle can be recovered by police quickly if they are stolen.

According to the Association of Chief Police Officers Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS), vans were the most popular type of vehicle for thieves in 2009, with the typical ‘White Van’ topping the top ten most stolen vehicles for the second year running.

AVCIS warns vans are often stolen for spare parts, scrap metal and the prospect of stealing tools and valuable materials from the load area. It warned finding a vehicle once it has been stolen quickly is essential.

Head of AVCIS, Detective Chief Inspector Mark Hooper said: "Often, these stolen vehicles are dismantled quickly, so our advice to vehicle owners is to ensure that their security is as tight as possible."

Charles Peugeot, Head of Commercial Vehicles and Business Sector, comments; "Citroën has long recognised that advanced telematics plays a key role in improving vehicle and driver productivity as well as delivering financial, safety and environmental gains."

The Trafficmaster Smartnav system comes as part of the package and can be used with Fleet Director, and optional extra designed to improve fleet management with the aid of maps, messaging systems and GPS.