Land Rover’s worldwide Evoque tests

The coupe-like styling of the baby Range Rover, revealed earlier this month in a glittering ceremony featuring Victoria Beckham, will not be on view however, because Land Rover has covered the test cars in camouflage.

Each model has been covered in colourful road maps of the world’s major cities, including London, New York, Sao Paulo, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Sydney, Shanghai and Moscow. Unlike most car camouflage, the decorations on the Evoque, says Land Rover, is ‘intended to be seen.’

Each of the ten decorated Evoques will bear a slogan saying ‘Hello’ to a particular city, including a striking pink Evoque for London.

The models will be tested in 17,000 individual tests across the globe to make sure all of the components and systems are working in the real world.

"The development stage is crucial in the year leading up to launching the car," said Murray Dietsch, director of Land Rover programmes. "No stone is left unturned; we have a team of experienced and skilled engineers who will work to a tight schedule to ensure we have a top quality vehicle to offer our customers."

The car will be tested in extreme environments to find its reaction to temperature, road services and general wear and tear before it arrives in showrooms.

The Range Rover Evoque is the smallest, lightest and most fuel-efficient model ever produced by the Tata-owned brand and has been aimed at a new audience; specifically women. Victoria Beckham was introduced as a new designer for the interior at the recent introduction ceremony, although interior specifications have not yet been revealed.

The Range Rover Evoque will go on sale in summer 2011.