Spain wins again in battle for Renault drop-tops

The Spanish must be getting used to winning things. After Rafael Nadal dominated Wimbledon, the Spanish football team became World Cup winners for the first ever time last weekend.

Now, another Spanish team has defeated seven other European countries to win the Renault ‘Very Good Trip’ event.

Ana and Manuel in the Spanish team fended off competition from Switzerland and France in second and third place respectively to win the road trip competition and drive home in a new Renault Wind roadster and Megane Coupe-Cabriolet.

The teams took part in a 5,000km road trip for the competition, taking part in challenges such as making a 14-metre long scarf in their national colours. Video diaries were posted online and the public voted for the winners via social media networks.

It’s an interesting approach to marketing two new cars and was viewed by around one million people.

As for the cars, the Renault Wind roadster and Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet will be hailed as the real stars of the show by the French marque.

The Renault Wind is a compact and nimble roadster available with either a nippy and efficient 1.2 TCe 100hp diesel or a powerful 1.6 VVT 133hp petrol engine.

According to Renault, engineers have designed a car capable of delivering an outstanding ride coupled with low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Meanwhile, the Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet, the final body style in a six-strong range, is an ‘open invitation to enjoy open top driving’, according to Renault.

It features a folding glass roof and a huge range of efficient and strong-performing petrol and diesel engines.

Both the Renault Wind and Megane Coupe-Cabriolet are now heading to Spain, but UK customers can take them for a spin themselves through Perrys test drives.

And if you’re wondering where the UK team finished, in true World Cup style, it was 7th out of eight, only ahead of Italy.

Sounds familiar.