Small engines favoured in new and used car market

The message coming loud and clear from the car industry is that the days of the big
engine are drawing to a close – from now on, small is beautiful.

A panel of international judges has just voted the VW Group’s 1.4 TSI as the
International Engine of the Year – for the second time running – and the Fiat MultiAir
the best new engine.

The beauty of both these is that although they approach the issue from different
directions they both achieve the same goal of giving you more bang for your bucks
or in motoring terms, giving you more power from less fuel.

The magical TSI has been around for a couple of years and you can find cars such
as a VW Golf with it in our used car selection.

The TSI uses both a supercharger to give more power at lower revs by forcing the
air/mixture in at higher pressure, with a turbo taking over seamlessly at higher revs.

Such a design was tried by Lancia in its rally cars 20 years ago but it has taken the
arrival of modern electronics to make the system work properly. A TSI engine is both
very smooth and very powerful, with the output of a good 1.8 or 2.0 litre but with the
fuel consumption and CO2 profile of a small capacity design and that has to be the best of both worlds.

Fiat’s MultiAir delivers a similar result – for example, the Grande Punto 1.4 has 170
bhp which is an amazing result for a 1.4.

With this technology which makes the
cylinder head much more efficient at getting the fuel/air mixture in, burnt and out
again, Fiat can get away with a smaller capacity but still deliver the performance a
driver wants. It won’t be too long before it has a two-cylinder, 900 cc MultiAir on sale
– and that is going to be dynamite.

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