Jaguar launches iPhone application

The application, available from the iTunes store, allows users to set up live feeds for sporting events, stocks and shares, or domestic and international news.

Jaguar has designed the application as part of the campaign to promote the new XJ model, and the emphasis is on business users – the target audience for the £53,900 car.

Geoff Cousins, Managing Director of Jaguar UK, explained: "it is a key element of our marketing strategy that we reach out to an audience that may not have considered our vehicles before.

"We are looking at employing a range of innovative channels that will take content about our vehicles – and the all-new XJ in particular – to the heart of the business community.

Business users can view real time stocks and shares as well as business news, while sports fans can receive live scores for a particular team.

As well as the news and video content, Jaguar will use the platform to share Jaguar images and updates.

The British brand will also take advantage of the recent partnership with the England Cricket Team and offer tickets to a Test Match this summer via the application.

The application, named ‘Driven Intelligence’, will run alongside a four-month print campaign as part of the Jaguar XJ launch.