Vauxhall Astra stars in art fair

Artist Peter Fowler drew a spontaneous artwork on a Vauxhall car with a black marker pen during the event at The Old Truman Brewery in London.

There was a host of other Vauxhall-themed artworks at the event, including a Vauxhall Astra covered in a swarm of individually drawn bees from artist-illustrator Jessica Albarn.

Another Astra was decorated using a classic children’s toy, the Spirograph. The intricate images were created by artist Ian Dawson using a Spirograph generating computer program.

Other activities at the Vauxhall Art Boot Fair, the 6th year the manufacturer has sponsored the event, included live wrestling, art auctions and music performances.

Vauxhall said it sponsored the event, which featured 40 artists and 4,000 visitors, to highlight its ‘their ongoing support of style and design in the UK.’

The Art Boot Fair fits in with Vauxhall’s latest advertising campaign depicting the new Vauxhall Corsa via a series of pop-art themed adverts.

The Andy Warhol-inspired campaign was launched earlier this year to, says Vauxhall, ‘communicate the car’s style credentials in a fun contemporary way.’