Peugeot RCZ chief designer on Twitter highlights

Peugeot, to quote a Twitterer (Twit? Twitteree? Tweeter? We give up.) today, ‘went up a notch or two’ in many people’s estimations.

The reason was an innovative use of the social networking site. For a little over an hour, Boris Reinmoller, the Chief Designer of the Peugeot RCZ, patiently answered questions via Twitter about the new sporty coupe.

During this time, he revealed his love of the Porsche 911 and Peugeot 406, what inspired the RCZ and his favourite specification and colour.

We’ve rounded up some of his best ‘Tweets’ to give an insight into the man behind one of the most exciting cars to be released this year.

Q) (from peachyjem) What is your all time favorite car and did it inspire you for the RCZ in any way?

A) I like the classic racers from the sixties. I might have been inspired by their attitude and muscular sculpture.

Q) (from WhichCar) Afternoon Boris, what is your dream coluor/trim/wheel spec for the Peugeot RCZ? And did it make the options list?

A) Good question! I’m a fan of a monochromatic look, so I’d chose the shark grey, the dark painted 19inches and dark chrome arches. Also black blades in the front grille instead of chrome.

Q) (from decemodesign) How much was the design inspired by the original Audi TT, which is surely a modern classic?

A) I wasn’t inspired by its design, I’m afraid. I know many do think this is the case. It’s targeting the same class … a 2+2 coupé. It’s kind of the first direct competitor hence the comparisons, but I think I can say the RCZ holds its own.

Q) (from alibanana) Hi Boris! In your opinion, what is the best designed Peugeot of all time? What is the one you wish you’d designed?

A) I do love the 905 LeMans race car from the early ninetees. And of course also the 406 coupé and the 206 are beauties.

Q) (from EricGallina) Thanks for the responses Boris. Where did you study?

A) At the Pforzheim University for car design (transportation design).

Q) (from JoeSimpson) did you do a lot of consumer research/clinicing with the RCZ -or was it one of those cars that came from the designer’s ‘guts’?

A) No, this one was a ‘guts’ car. We always wanted to do smallish coupé for the road. We took our chances and got it done!

Q) (from bankze) Is there going 2 be a RCZ convertible? As the flat rear deck looks as though it has been designed to take a convertible hard top.

A) I cannot say, but it would be a great version, I agree.

And finally…

(from) decemodesign Well you have surely created the best looking sub 30k car ever so BIG respect is due to you and the RCZ team for achieving it.

A) Thank you! You’re right, there is a big team to be thanked for, not least the board who decided to build it.

It was an honest and intriguing look at the making of the RCZ and is sure to win Peugeot a lot of fans (and followers). Although Reinmoller was tight-lipped about future cabriolet versions, we’re quietly confident one will be on its way before too long.