Citroen DS3 named in 2010 Cool List

The Cool List has become an annual event for technology lovers in the UK as it celebrates the most stylish and cool gadgets around.

Describing the DS3 as having retro-styled contemporary tech, Stuff said: "The DS3 daringly invokes the spirit of a bygone car, showing that you can have individuality and crispy driving dynamics without breaking the bank."

The Citroen finished ahead of traditionally ‘cool’ cars from more luxury manufacturers because the awards do not judge on hype or sales figures, according to Stuff editor Fraser Macdonald.

He said: "The Citroen DS3 very nearly brought us to physical violence over the argument that we’re highlighting a sub-20,000 pound family hatchback in a world in which Jaguars, Bentleys and Ferraris exist.

"But the DS3 manages to be cool and customisable in, what is for most people, the real world."

The premium DS3, the first in Citroen’s D-Line, was introduced in a wave of contemporary art-inspired publicity, and the highly customisable supermini was aimed at high-selling alternatives such as the Mini Cooper and Fiat 500.

The DS3 joins gadgets such as the iPad, a Dyson bladeless fan and the Sony Monolith TV in the Cool List.

MacDonald added: "It’s about the gadgets that have that elusive ‘something’. What used to be known as the ‘X-factor’ before a TV programme removed all the credibility from that phrase."

The Citroen DS3 was sixth in the list, which was won by the GenevaSoundS iPod dock.

The list in full

  1. 1. GenevaSound S iPod doc
  2. 2. Hipstamatic iPhone camera app
  3. 3. Dyson AM01 bladeless fan
  4. 4. B&W P5 headphones
  5. 5. Augmented reality visual technology
  6. 6. Citroen DS3
  7. 7. Cannondale ON bike
  8. 8. Leica X1 camera
  9. 9. Alan Wake computer game
  10. 10. BBC 6 Music DJ Adam Buxton
  11. 11. Apple iPad
  12. 12. Sony Bravia HX series TV
  13. 13. HTC Legend smartphone
  14. 14. Olive 4HD music server
  15. 15. Scott Pilgrim vs The World film