Real Drivers rate Jaguar

There were some interesting results in the 2010 J.D.Power/What Car?
satisfaction study and not just Lexuss amazing ten-year tenure at
the top.

There was a strong result for Jaguar with its XF being voted the best
executive car and for Kia too with its ceed taking the honours in the
lower-medium sector. I found the Fiat Pandas second place in the city
car sector interesting because it has been around for some years
longer than newer rivals yet people still love this little car.

And thats the point of this study, isnt it its the peoples vote
because the UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS) asks the
most important people of all, the customer, what they really think of
their car in all its aspects after an average of two years ownership.

Drivers were asked for their comments on four key measures which, in
order of importance, are: vehicle appeal which includes performance,
design, comfort and features; vehicle quality and reliability;
ownership costs which includes fuel consumption, insurance and costs
of service/repair; and dealer service satisfaction.

Taken as a whole, Jaguar was ranked the third best manufacturer, ahead
of Mercedes-Benz, and again it has been making progress. Compared to
last years VOSS Jaguar scored an extra 13 points last year, again
reinforcing the argument that is a match for its main rivals in car
appeal, quality and the dealership experience.

The thing about VOSS is that it is effectively looking backwards, at
cars which are more than two years old, so there is effectively an
in-built delay. I wonder if Jaguar can get to the top spot in 2012
when the just-launched XJ will be eligible?

Perrys is a franchised Jaguar dealership – a
great place to see the cars which are pushing Jaguar up the VOSS
charts, like the Jaguar
XF, in the executive car class