Green Fiat cars top table of ‘cleanest eco-friendly motors’

Fiat green cars have been named as top of the pile for being the cleanest cars overall in a recent study.

Clean Green Cars found that the vehicles were more eco-friendly and economical than other models, after releasing an average of 124.6 g/km of CO2.

Richard Bremner, editor of the news site, said that while CO2 was important in environmentally-friendly cars it was not the be all and end all.

He added: "A car that is good for CO2 can be bad for other pollutants and vice versa. We have spent six months analysing data for all three pollutants to come up with the first overall pollution score."

The company correlated contamination and sales information of an array of models from different manufacturers to find out which one it could class as the cleanest.

It used the NOx statistics from the UK government’s VCA database and the amount per mg/km on the Fiat green cars was found to average out at 36.4.

Jay Nagley, publisher of Clean Green Cars, noted the publication had become frustrated by environmental scores that showed how energy-efficient a manufacturer’s vehicle was by "nothing but assumptions".

But he pointed out: "The methodology of our table is completely robust and transparent. It does not give a single magic number. It gives something much more useful – a view of how manufacturers perform across all the major pollutants."

And he stated that the site had ranked CO2 and NOx figures individually rather than giving a Fiat green car, or any other vehicle, a single score because there is no official way of measuring the damage that either component does.

Someone looking to purchase a Fiat green car might be interested to note that figures released earlier this year from Jato Dynamics showed the range as having the best average CO2 emissions for the second consecutive year in 2009.

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