Vauxhall Corsa tops new buyers table

The hatchback has proved a hit with new buyers because of its cheaper running costs and popularity as a learner car according to

The survey revealed new drivers place the price of the car and motoring costs top of their priorities when buying a new car.

As a result, the top ten most popular car for first-time buyers is completely filled by small hatchbacks such as the Corsa, Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio.

Cars with smaller engines proved the most popular with new buyers because of the reduced fuel costs and cheaper insurance. In total, three-quarters of people bought a car with a 1.4-litre or smaller engine.

The Vauxhall Corsa is the best-selling car in Scotland and is currently one of the five best-selling cars in 2010 to date. The Corsa has recently been the subject of a new pop art inspired advertising campaign including Facebook campaigns to connect with younger buyers.

Will Thomas, Head of motor at comments “With the cost of motoring rocketing in 2010, ways to reduce the outlay are on everyone’s minds. It’s particularly bad news for young drivers – who already pay the most when it comes to premiums."

Thomas says younger buyers are paying 6.6 per cent more in insurance premiums than they were in 2009, when the average cost was £1714.

Vauxhall has been the big winner in the current economic climate, as the British-built Vauxhall Astra leapfrogged the Volkswagen Golf into the top ten.

A new Astra was released last year and has since been a popular choice with fleet customers. In recognition of this, the new Astra was voted ‘best new car’ at the Fleet World Honours this month.