Renault’s eco2 Clio is a green hit

Renault’s range of zero-emission (Z.E.) electric cars may still be a
year away but it is still aggressively pursuing its policy of building
greener cars and has just produced its most eco-friendly model yet.

The eco2 versions of its Clio emits less than 100 g/km of CO2 so it is
exempt from road tax and can average more than 75 mpg, saving fortunes
at the pumps. For company car drivers there is an extra bonus in the
form of just 13 per cent Benefit-in-Kind tax rating.

As with other manufacturers, such as Ford, Renault has taken some
relatively easy steps to achieve these impressive figures. Subtle
aerodynamic tweaks, slightly longer gearing which gives better fuel
consumption at the expense of a tiny drop in acceleration in the
higher gears, different rubber for the tyres, less viscous oil to
reduce drag in the engine and gearbox and a few tweaks to the engine
combine to give the 1.5 litre diesel car such good economy.

However, unlike other manufacturers, Renault is not charging a premium
price for this model which costs from 12,690, exactly the same price
as todays dCi 86 engine emitting 115 g/km CO2.

There are quite a few cars now in this fast-developing market of
low-emission superminis. Ford has the Fiesta Econetic, Peugeot its 207
Economique and Vauxhall the Corsa ecoFlex.

These are great little cars, with none of the complexities of hybrids
or any fancy technology, just fine-tuning with a view to maximising
economy, getting more miles out of every gallon you put in.

No wonder they are proving so popular…

Perrys dealerships offer a range of Green Cars, including
the Renault eco2
models featured in this article.