Peugeot green cars ‘welcome more environmentally-friendly 3008 range’

The Peugeot 3008 range has become more eco-friendly thanks to the implementation of a new engine.

The award-winning 3008 Crossover now comes with a HDi diesel engine that is more powerful than its predecessor and it has a six-speed manual transmission.

And the new device which will be available on both the Sport and Exclusive trims – meets the current Euro 5 emission standards and has had its intake, exhaust and timing all "extensively" redesigned.

Moreover, this leads the Peugeot green car to have a "particularly low fuel consumption and, therefore, CO2 emissions compared to its competitors" thanks to the new engine.

The gearbox is another contributory factor in making the model more fuel efficient because of its torque converter and "significant reductions in internal friction losses".

People who choose this model should be able to achieve "good responsiveness when pulling away and excellent continuity when accelerating" due to the "smoothness of the gear changes", according to the manufacturer.

There is an all-round ease of use linked to optimisation of the engine’s torque range.

In terms of figures, the 3008 Sport HDi 163 FAP Auto and v3008 Exclusive HDi 163 FAP Auto both have a best mpg of 42.80 on the combined cycle and they release CO2 emissions of 173 g/km.

The green Peugeot cars have the producer’s standard Dynamic Roll Control function, which is built into the rear suspension to provide "excellent" damping control of any road issues.

With the standard specification motorists can expect to be able to gain use of the 17-inch alloy wheels that come with energy saving tyres, as well as a cruise control function and there is a CD player with mp3 facility.

Other Peugeot green cars include the Blue Lion range which has been developed after years of research into motors that can do more to help the environment, according to the manufacturer.

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