Ford Transit joins AA fleet

Ford has provided 56 of the Ford Transits, built at the Southampton plant, to the AA for use in the AutoWindshields fleet.

All 56 vans were short-wheelbase versions of the best-selling van are part of a larger order for 247 vans from the accident specialists.

The vans were inspected at Southampton by AA chief engineer Steve Ives, who said: "We were keen to inspect the Transits off the line and we were delighted to find them in top condition and ready to be signed off.

“They are all on their way to be fitted with the necessary equipment and livery and will soon be an integral part of the AA AutoWindshields fleet."

The AA bought AutoWindshields last year and needed to expand the fleet to run the new area of roadside assistance.

Southampton has been the home of the Ford Transit for over 40 years, but production will be moved to Turkey for when the new Ford Transit goes into production early next year.

The plant will continue to manufacture Ford Transit vans in the meantime, and will produce chassis’ for the new model in 2011.

Thomas Fischer, Ford’s Southampton plant manager, said: "The Southampton plant puts a lot of effort into the quality of the Ford Transit vehicles we build here and we are pleased that this, together Transit’s proven dependability and low whole life cost, has resulted in the AA placing further orders with Ford."

The Ford Transit vans will be put to use immediately in the AA fleet and more are expected to be delivered in the coming months.

Ford has sold over six million Ford Transit vans worldwide and intends to expand the range, with electric and plug0in electric hybrid versions of the Ford Transit Connect destined for the US market in 2011 and 2012 respectively.