Ford Focus is Used Car of the Decade

I am often asked `Whats the best used car to buy? and while my reply questions what the person wants from a car, if its just a general all-purpose family hatchback I inevitably point them in the direction of a good Ford Focus.

Since the first generation Focus arrived ten years ago this has been the standard by which all others have been judged. Roomy, good value for money and with class-leading ride and handling thanks to its independent rear suspension a novelty in this sector back in 2000 the Focus is the perfect all-rounder.

I’m not claiming any great wisdom or insight in putting the Focus at the top of the pile and its hardly a radical decision but Im pleased to see that independent trade experts at CAP, the highly influential Leeds based market analysts and valuers, have also just put the Focus first.

In fact a panel of their judges has unanimously voted the Focus as the Used Car of the Decade. Thats pretty impressive stuff given all the contenders for this title. Using criteria such as affordability, practicality of ownership, sustained popularity and so on in fact, the questions that buyers will be asking themselves on the forecourts the Focus was the clear winner.

Mark Norman, chairman of the CAP judging panel, told us: “Although the awards concentrate on three year-old vehicles, it is testament to the build quality of Ford cars that well maintained examples from the late 90s still feel as if they have many years of motoring life left.

If a Focus is a bit too big for your needs, another Blue Oval product, the previous generation Ka with its cheeky styling, wheel-in-a-corner handling reminiscent of the old Mini, and great value for money was voted the best small used car of the decade.

Mark said: “The Ford Ka scores on every measure of used car excellence, offering true affordability, low running costs and reliable simple engineering. The 1996 to 2008 Ford Ka offered something truly fresh to the small used car buyer as well as a reliably popular offering for the used car dealer.”

There are plenty of examples out there for buyers to choose from because in the past decade more than 1.2 million Focuss were sold and more than 400,000 Kas.

One final thought if the Focus is such a good buy as a second hand car, doesnt it hold true that it must be pretty good as a new car too?

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