Peugeot RCZ takes on Nurburgring

Drivers in RCZ models finished first and third in the D1T category for diesel cars between 1700 and 2000cc in the gruelling 24-hour race around the iconic track.

The winning cars were 2.0-litre HDi FAP diesel models delivering 200bhp and were standard models with only a small amount of safety and racing parts fitted.

Peugeot claims the race shows the RCZ "does not just have supercar good looks but also the dynamic performance to achieve success in one of the most demanding 24 hour races."

The race featured cars from some of the top supercar manufacturers from around the world. In total, 197 cars started the race around the German circuit.

The two cars were driven by French and German teams, with the Germans eventually winning the best-in-class title. In celebration of the 200 year anniversary of the French marque, the cars were numbered 200 and 201.

The Peugeot RCZ goes on sale in the UK on 22nd May from £20,450 on-the-road. The sports coupe is the first to be released under the ‘New Lion’ badge without the traditional numbering system used to name Peugeot models.

Peugeot will produce 2,500 of the RCZ for the UK and nearly 1,000 have already been ordered at dealers. The manufacturer expects the UK to be the largest market for the sports coupe outside of its native France.