Citroen MPVs are tops

There cant be many cars that have enjoyed such a long and successful
career as the Citroen Xsara Picasso which bows out after more than ten

The Xsara Picasso was remarkable for many things at the time of its
launch its styling was revolutionary as was its price for Citroens
aggressive pursuit of value-for-money motoring pitched the MPV at
under 10,000 which was a significant saving over most rivals.

Like the Renault Scenic (the car which essentially turned MPVs from a
niche into a volume sector) the Picasso favoured the five-seat layout
with those in the rear being removable/foldable in the way that is by
now familiar.

But the Citroen also had a very light and airy cabin, thanks in part
to the slim pillars around that generous windscreen and neat touches
like a removable shopping trolley in the boot. With its soft, smooth
ride, its futuristic styling and most of all its low pricing, the
Picasso was a huge success and it is little wonder that more than
270,000 were sold here, regularly topping the sales charts in its

Perhaps even more remarkable though is its legacy because few
companies have expanded into the MPV market as much as Citroen. Think
about it, its range covers the whole spectrum from the big
seven-seaters though to the cute little C3 Picasso, (picked by What
Car? Magazine as the best sub-15,000 MPV) to the more functional
van-derived MPVs (Berlingo) through the C4 Picasso and onto the big

Citroen continues to be innovative; the C4 Grand Picasso has the most
enormous windscreen which curves further up into the roofline than any
other car I know, adding an extra dimension and improving the on-board
experience; the C3 Picasso has a clever A frame design for its
windscreen that gives much better visibility than usual.

The point is that Citroen puts a lot of thought into making small
little differences that add up to making its MPVs more usable, more
enjoyable, more practical.

The only constant over the past decade is that it still gives great
value for money!

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