Citroen DS3 unique photograph winner revealed

The campaign, to showcase the uniqueness of the highly customisable three-door supermini, was won by David Dunne from Romford, Essex, after his photograph was chosen by judges out of over 1,000 submitted entries.

The winning photograph, of a girl with ‘angel wings’ created using a sparkler, received 1,130 public votes after being submitted to an online gallery.

Mr Dunne included a caption which reads: "Only one sparkler in one movement could have created this. That sparkler is now gone, and can never be replaced – and an angel, no matter how artificial, will always be unique."

The picture received more votes than other photographs submitted which included a classic Citroen being driven in the snow in Finland, a seagull flying alongside Red Arrows planes and the Northern Lights.

The campaign was the first from Citroen to use Facebook and a microsite so extensively ahead of the launch of the DS3 model.

Citroen has revived the premium D Line this year with the DS3 supermini and plans to introduce two new models to the line-up in the form of the DS4 and DS5 later this year.