Ford StreetKa named best second hand convertible

Carsite has listed the top twenty drop-tops based on value, reliability, depreciation and customer satisfaction to celebrate the summer – the peak season for convertible buyers.

The Ford StreetKa, which was produced between 2003 and 2006, finished ahead of the Mazda MX5 in the list because of its style, value and enjoyable drive.

Designed specifically for women, Ford claims 80 per cent of buyers are women and a special edition pink model sold well when it was released.

The StreetKa was cheaper than rivals when it was first introduced and the stylish looks were designed by Italian design house Pininfarina, famous for its stunning Ferrari designs.

Carsite’s Alistair Jeff commented; ‘Unlike some ‘top twenties’ that contain exotic and expensive models such as Ferrari and Lamborghini convertibles, Carsite wanted to produce a list that relates to the real UK motorist.

"These models were tallied based on factors such as value, reliability and ownership satisfaction – key concerns for the average used car buyer. The Ford StreetKa took the top-spot with a strong performance across our used car criteria."

The two-seat Ford StreetKa was promoted by pop star Kylie Minogue when it was released and although it is a convertible, Ford introduced a winter edition in 2005 complete with hard top and heated seats.