Renault and Michelin offer tyre pressure deal

The shocking figure from tyre safety organisation TyreSafe could now be reduce as Renault are offering a free digital tyre pressure gauge worth £15 to all customers buying two Michelin fuel-efficient tyres.

According to Renault calculations, tyres which are under-inflated by as little as 7psi could reduce tyre life by up to 20 per cent.

TyreSafe says the same under-inflation can cause a three per cent increase in fuel consumption and warns 36 per cent of cars checked last year had tyres that were under-inflated by more than 8psi.

Roger Loderick, Product Manager – Service, Wear & Tear, Tyres, Oil, Renault UK Limited, said: "Correct inflation pressures are an important factor in increasing the life of a vehicle’s tyres as well as directly affecting the vehicle’s safety and, critically, maximising braking effectiveness, particularly in the wet."

He advises motorists to have regular services and check tyre pressure as often as possible. A car’s ideal tyre pressure can be found in the handbook or maintenance booklet.

The Renault offer will run from May to June this year and will allow drivers to check their tyre pressure before setting out on long journeys this summer.

"With drivers keeping a keen eye on the cost of motoring, this free digital tyre pressure gauge could make the world of difference," added Loderick.