Fiat 500 Thousandth is ‘created by the people’

The Fiat 500 Thousandth showcar is the first of its kind because it will be covered completely in pictures of Fiat 500 drivers, fans of the car and celebrities.

The popular supermini, which has spawned several special editions including the 500 Pink and 500byDIESEL, will be introduced at motor shows and events all over the world when it is completed.

Fiat owners and fans can book a place on the car by visiting the Fiat 500 website and sending a photograph. There will also be space for a short message or link to a personal blog or Facebook page.

Fiat says 70 per cent of the car will be offered to Fiat owners, who can choose their spot on an open plan on the Fiat website. The finished model will be revealed three weeks after the booking stage ends.

The manufacturer claims it will be ‘a car created by the people, with the people’s ideas’ and has labelled the showcar the first ever ‘collective car’.

Fiat 500 500 website has over 120,000 active users from 206 different countries, according to a statement from Fiat.