Alfa reveals centenary concept

Based on the 8C Compitizione sports car, the 2+2 Pandion coupe concept car features a unique single door that opens vertically to allow access to the cabin.

The second of three concept cars unveiled at Geneva, the Stile Bertone Pandion has a fluid, sleek design and aggressive front grille.

It has a length of 4.82m, a height of 1.28m with the door closed, and weighs just over 1,000kg.

The futuristic Pandion is named after a bird known for its long wings and is the first model Bertone has designed since its return to the Alfa brand.

Unfortunately, the concept will not be turned into a production model, although the technology and design may influence upcoming Alfa Romeo models.

Design house Pininfarina, celebrating its 80th anniversary, has also unveiled an Alfa Romeo Spider concept, hinting at two-seat drop-top.

The final concept revealed in 2010 comes from the third Turin-based design house, Giugiaro.