Jaguar goes green with new XJ

The VCA sent Jaguar a certificate officially recognising the study into the environmental impact of producing the luxury saloon.

Jaguar hopes the study will help to reduce the environmental impact of the XJ including reducing the weight and amount of materials used.

This will allow smaller, more environmentally friendly engines to be used without a loss of performance.

Paul Markwick, VCA CEO, said, "I’m delighted to present this certificate to the team at Jaguar; I know it marks the culmination of a lot of hard work. Environmental issues are rightly high on the business agenda so it is great to see industry embracing initiatives such as Life Cycle Assessment."

Jaguar will need to reduce average emissions to below 130g/km over the next three years to fall in line with EU targets. The Life Cycle Study will measure the impact of a Jaguar XJ across its lifetime and suggest ways to improve the environmental impact.

Tony Higgins, Project Leader for the XJ certification, said: "VCA certification is an important milestone in Jaguar’s mission to reduce the environmental impact of its products. Detailed lifecycle assessment helps us understand more clearly the most effective ways of reducing each model’s carbon footprint."

The study will also look at ways to recycle and dispose of the XJ in an environmentally-friendly way.