Five million people suffer from tyre stress

Potholes are big news at the moment, from claims of an £8bn deficit in spending on roads to the pothole art. The recent bad weather has left our roads scarred and cracked. This, of course, has implications for drivers.

And it is not just the potholes affecting the well-being of our cars. The snow and ice meant thousands of tonnes of grit was scattered over UK roads over the winter.

Perrys research shows over five million people said their tyres had experienced above average wear and tear over winter because of the poor weather and gritted roads. Other problems identified included exhaust corrosion and bodywork damage.

There is good news for Mazda drivers, however, who are being offered free Spring checks to ensure their cars are ready for warmer weather trips.

Perrys dealers are offering the free Visual Health Checks to prepare drivers for weekend trips and holidays as summer nears.

Dealers at Barnsley, Preston, Blackburn and Huddersfield are offering free checks on tyre pressure, windscreen damage, batteries, lights, brakes, steering and suspension on all Mazda cars.

Each part of the car being checked is given a green, amber or red rating to indicate what needs to be fixed and how urgent it is.

"Mazda is committed to road safety and we fully believe that these vital checks can help to give peace of mind to the car owner and will ultimately prevent road accidents and save lives," explains Peter Woodley, Franchise Manager at Perrys Mazda, Huddersfield.

"Every year thousands of people are needlessly killed or seriously injured on UK roads, but many of these accidents can easily be prevented by drivers ensuring that simple safety checks are made regularly. Perrys wants to help make sure that Huddersfield is a safe place in which to live and drive."

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