Citroen DS High Rider concept interior revealed

The hybrid concept car was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March and is expected to be the basis for the Citroen DS4 when it arrives next year.

Inside, the DS High Rider carries plenty of the luxury associated with the reintroduced D Line. The leather seats feature chrome DS inserts and the panoramic windscreen gives way to dark-shaded roof lining.

The dashboard, instruments and door panels are finished in leather with chrome detail throughout the interior.

A nod to the hybrid powertrain can be seen in the form of a hybrid logo beneath the gear stick. The technology is expected to be developed for the production version of the DS4 crossover when it is produced.

The DS4 will be the second of three new models in the D line. The DS3 supermini was released this year and a DS5 is expected to arrive next year.

The DS5, like the DS4, will boast a hybrid powertrain. Citroen claims the DS5 will be the first passenger diesel hybrid car in the world when it goes on sale in 2011.