Citroen unveils Metropolis concept

The recently announced D- line, introduced when the DS3 supermini was released this year, has signalled Citroen’s intention to enter the luxury car market and the latest concept takes it one step further.

The Metropolis concept is a 5.3-metres long limousine-style saloon. It is 2 metres wide and 1.4 metres high, giving it an ‘imposing stature’, according to the manufacturer.

Citroen’s ‘Creative Technologies’ language has been modified by a China-based design team, and the concept will debut at the Shanghai World Fair from 1 May until 31 October.

The Shanghai-based team has included the signature Citroen touches such as a concave rear window but ‘Origami’ lights and kite-shaped grille add a touch of China to the concept.

Theoretically, the plug-in hybrid engine in the concept consists of a 2-litre V6 petrol engine, an electric motor offering Zero Emission Vehicle mode and a 7-speed, dual-clutch electronic gearbox. Together, the engine and electric motor can deliver 460bhp.

The result is one fifth the emissions of a combustion engine with similar performance – estimated at 70g/km by Citroen’s engineering team.

Citroen have not announced a production version of the concept, but the Metropolis indicates Citroen is targeting the luxury limousine market dominated by premium manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes and BMW.

The Chinese market in particular will be an important one for the French marque if it has luxury saloon ambitions. Traditionally, big saloons sell well in China, which is the second largest car market outside Europe.