Top 5 April Fools

Every year automotive manufacturers seem to outdo themselves with a whole range of wacky press releases for April Fool’s day and this year was no different.

We’ve rounded up five of the best:

5) Festival of Speed

The Festival of Speed announced it will be using manure from the herd of cows at the Goodwood estate to power the entire festival. This quote in particular was very amusing:

Commenting on this eco-friendly initiative, a manufacturer’s spokesperson said: "It’s enlightening to see that Goodwood is taking no bull, and the organisers deserve a real pat on the back. This wind-powered solution is udderly electrifying."

4) Seat

Tired of filling up at petrol stations? Seat believes it has the answer with the new Seat Leon Ecomotive Prototype, which houses a monster 545-litre tank and can drive up to 10,000 miles on one refill.

Seat claims the new Seat Leon will be able to cope with the extra weight thanks to new suspension and brakes, and the rear seats have been completely removed to fit the massive tank.

The tank would allow motorists to top up their petrol just once a year, or every 10,000 miles, while they have their car serviced at Seat dealers.

We have estimated it could cost up to £700 to fill the tank up though…

3) Hyundai

Considering how attached some people are to their cars, we could have been inclined to believe this one, if it wasn’t for the hilarious use of the term ‘Car Cuddler’ instead of crusher.

Hyundai declared they had moved into the car funeral business, offering owners the chance to bury their beloved vehicle as a cube or still in one piece – for a price of course.

Hyundai claims they have three ‘Garages of Rest’ set up in public parks and beauty spots for the auto-graveyards and offer the opportunity to half bury a registration plate as a kind of memorial plaque for the stricken vehicle.

Dr May Kenetahp, head of Insipientia at Lirpa College of Higher Education. "These people wouldn’t drown a dog just because it becomes incontinent and dribbles on the carpet, so they don’t feel they can crush a car when it starts to leak oil or blows a head gasket."

2) Infiniti

A very good April Fool’s from Infiniti when they announced new hunger-detecting technology in their cars.

The technology measures the volume of tummy rumbles and flashes a small knife and fork on the dashboard when they are loud enough. The satellite navigation then directs the driver to the nearest restaurant which suits his or her tastes.

We particularly liked the ‘Fitness’ mode, whereby the driver enters their ideal weight. The technology then weighs them and if the ideal weight is less, the ‘Gastronomi’ system allows louder tummy rumbles to go unheeded than normal.

1) BMW

The German manufacturer is an industry leader in April Fool’s day pranks. Known to take out full page adverts in national media before today, it has given us Canine Repelling Alloys (to stop dogs urinating on them), the Magnetic Tow Bar system and BMW Instant Messaging – a system to display messages on an LCD screen to let other drivers known what you think of them.

However, BMW has raised the bar again with the announcement of the Political Roundel Attachment Tag – or PRAT.

The tags consist of red, blue and green BMW badges. They can be fitted to the car instead of the standard badge to show allegiance to a political party in the lead up to the general election.

Top marks to the German manufacturer for the April Fool, in particular for the humorously named Uwe Beanhadde, Head of Made-Up Technology at BMW.

He said: "We have been working on this innovation for a number of years and see it as a niche with potentially wide appeal. One of the most popular features, sure to strike a chord with the floating voter, is that the roundel can be replaced in a matter of seconds should the opposition suddenly seem more appealing".