Chevrolet creates Spark art with cricket legend

Vaughan, has created a 16 by five foot image of a Chevrolet Spark as part of his latest art project using an ‘artballing’ painting technique.

The technique involves soaking cricket balls in different coloured paint and batting them against the walls to create the image. Artballing has fetched up to £20,000 at auctions and boasts Lily Allen and Piers Morgan as fans.

Now Vaughan has turned his attentions towards the latest Chevrolet small car, taking eight hours to create the artwork and using 20 litres of paint.

After creating the artwork, Vaughan said: "Creating art with cricket balls is completely different, modern and new. It changes the rules of art because it’s instinctive and raw – covering a ball in paint and whacking or throwing it against canvas.

"A few of the other players initially took the mickey, but they are now "artballing" fans – and have had a go themselves."

The artballing is the latest in a series of advertising campaigns employed by Chevrolet for the Spark, which is on sale now in the UK.

Recently Chevrolet announced a tour of the UK with a specially adapted Chevrolet Spark which doubled as a DJ booth, using the wheels as vinyl turntables when driven with 1000 Watt DC motors.

Chevrolet is also offering three different graphics ‘tags’ on the five-door city car as an optional extra.

The Chevrolet Spark, designed as a cheap alternative for city and urban driving, starts at £6,945 for an entry-level model.