MX-5 prices cut under new Mazda incentive scheme

The Japanese manufacturer has not followed in the footsteps of Toyota and Vauxhall by offering a swappage scheme, instead offering reduced prices on selected models.

These include the Mazda MX-5 including the 20th Anniversary Edition, and other Mazda models. A further £1,000 discount is being offered to customers who choose to finance the car through the company’s own PCP products.

Mazda claims the scheme will benefit customers who do not want to trade in a car in order to get money off a new Mazda.

Mark Cameron, Sales and Marketing Director, Mazda UK, explained: "At Mazda we have decided to make our post scrappage offers simple to understand, fair and equitable for all. It does not depend on having an aged car and is open to all customers."

With nearly 10,000 sales under the scrappage scheme, Cameron claims: ""We benefited from the scheme taking more than our fair share of the scrappage market, but it did discriminate against anyone who did not have a 10 year old car to scrap."

Mazda makes up around 2.4 per cent of the UK market and has grown for eight consecutive years. However, industry leaders are expecting a slump in car sales in 2010 once the scrappage scheme ends.